Comfort and Technology

Many people dislike the sights and sounds of a typical dental office. We’ve worked hard to create a soothing environment where patients feel welcome and relaxed. Our warm colors, dark woods, candles, waterfall, and lemon-scented towels make our patients feel pampered.

When it comes to treatment, advanced technology allows us to deliver top-quality care. With modern diagnostics like the ViziLite oral cancer screening, Dr. Wilmore detects abnormalities in the earliest stages. Digital X-rays eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals, are easily stored and retrieved, and help conserve natural resources. With intraoral cameras and chairside monitors, patients can see what the dentist sees. For those who dislike the lingering effects of local anesthetic, Oraverse can reduce the recovery time by half.

Learn more about our dental technology in the following pages, and then call our Houston, TX dental office today to reserve your consultation with Dr. Heather A. Wilmore. Our convenient office located in the Galleria/Tanglewood/Memorial area serves patients in West Houston with dental excellence and personalized service.