Dentures & Partials

Patients missing teeth may experience diminished self-confidence as well as difficulty with chewing and speech. You deserve a fully functional smile that allows you to maintain a high quality of life. Custom dentures and partials replace missing teeth, return oral function, and create confident smiles.

What’s the difference between dentures and partials?
Full dentures are a complete set of teeth on an acrylic base. Partial dentures, or partials, are a few replacement teeth on an acrylic base. Patients who want to replace all of their teeth require full dentures, while patients who still have some healthy teeth may benefit from a partial.

How are dentures and partials held in place?
Dentures and partials can be removable or implant-supported.

  • Removable dentures are held in place by denture adhesive or natural suction.
  • Removable partials are typically secured with inconspicuous clasps.
  • Implant-supported dentures and partials are permanently secured with dental implants, tiny, titanium screws inserted into the jawbone by an oral surgeon.

Dr. Wilmore will discuss all of your options when you come in for your consultation.

Do dentures and partials look natural?
Yes! We design custom dentures based on your preferences. Dr. Wilmore will help you choose the right shade, shape, and size of teeth for your unique smile. With full dentures, we can give you back your old smile or give you the glamorous smile you’ve always wanted. For partials, we will precisely match your existing tooth color, so the replacement teeth will blend seamlessly.

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