What are veneers?

Porcelain veneers are handcrafted shells that fit atop front teeth to create a more pleasing smile. Veneers can mask chips, stains, gaps and other imperfections on front teeth. We work with a high-quality dental lab and expert ceramists to custom design and create each veneer. Many styles of veneers are available. Dr. Wilmore will help you determine the best option for your personal situation.

Why do my gums bleed?

Bleeding is usually a sign of a problem. When gums bleed, the cause usually stems from the patient brushing too hard or from early-stage gum disease, called gingivitis. We can consult with you on the proper toothbrush and pressure for safe, effective daily oral care. If your gums show signs of gum disease, we may recommend scaling and root planning (a deep cleaning) to stop the disease and return your gums to good health. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults, and has been linked to many overall health conditions, including stroke, heart attacks and respiratory problems. Untreated, gum disease can escalate to create significant damage to your health, so call for an assessment now. We will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life!

What is the best method for flossing, and do I have to floss every day?

Yes! Floss every day! Flossing loosens food particles, plaque and tartar trapped between teeth. These three culprits cause bad breath, gum disease and cavities. To floss effectively take 12 to 18 inches of floss and grasp it so that you have a couple inches of floss taut between your hands. Slip the floss between the teeth and into the area between your teeth and gums as far as it will go. “Hug” the tooth with floss and do 8 to 10 vertical strokes on the side of the tooth dislodging food and plaque. Then repeat this action to the other tooth. Do not snap the floss in between teeth because this will cause your gums to bleed. If you need further help on how to floss effectively, Dr. Wilmore and Brandi will gladly teach and show you.

After my root canal, will I experience sensitivity to hot and cold?

After a successful root canal treatment, patients may experience some sensitivity. The sensation should subside over time. If after a week or two you still have problems, call our dental office in Houston, TX so that we can evaluate the situation and help you find relief!

My jaw pops and clicks. What’s going on?

When the jaw joints are out of alignment, you may experience clicking and popping when you open and close your mouth. Jaw joints are clinically referred to as temporomandibular joints. When they do not function properly, the condition is known as Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). Patients experience a myriad of problems ranging from chronic headaches, migraines, earaches to face, head, shoulder and neck pain. Oral function may also be inhibited. TMD may cause patients to grind their teeth. Fortunately, in most cases, the condition can be corrected with a simple oral appliance called a nightguard or bruxism guard. As another option, the dentist can rebuild worn teeth to correct the occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together) and reposition the jaw joints. Sometimes stress-relieving exercises or habit changes are beneficial, as well. If the TMD is chronic and/or nothing seems to work she will refer you to a TMJ specialist.

I have been told that I grind my teeth while I sleep, and/or I clench my teeth a lot. Is this harmful?

Absolutely. Grinding and clenching teeth actually has a name; the condition is called bruxism. It can cause teeth wear and damage, like cracked and chipped teeth. These problems lead to pain and can also negatively affect your occlusion which is how your upper and lower teeth fit together. When one’s occlusion is off, the jaw joints, or TMJ, can become stressed leading to additional pain problems. Instead of dealing with all of these potential problems, let us create a custom oral appliance to ease your bruxism or grinding. Simply wear the appliance while you sleep or when you tend to grind your teeth. If you experience pain or occlusion problems, we can restore your teeth and bite, as well. Call today for a consultation!

I have trouble with snoring. Can you help?

Snoring is a sign that you are not breathing properly, and may cause serious risks to your health. One out of eight people who snore have sleep apnea, a serious medical condition that increases risks of heart attack and stroke. Individuals with sleep apnea do not realize it, but while they sleep oxygen flow to the brain and heart stops completely for up to ten seconds. This can cause serious damage to the body, in addition to causing daytime drowsiness and irritability. If you or a loved one has questions or concerns about sleep apnea, Dr. Wilmore will refer you to the Houston Sleep Center which is located in her building.

What whitening options do you offer?

We offer in-office teeth whitening with the Colgate Visible White system plus take home bleaching trays and take home bleach. All come in a convenient pouch that you can take home to keep all your bleaching materials together. Simply place gel in trays sparingly and wear them as directed. You will notice results in a matter of a few days. Continue use for up to two weeks at a time, and then touch up as necessary. We will also give you vitamin E capsules in your kit to soothe sensitive gum tissue if irritation occurs.

Will you call me when it’s time for a checkup?

Yes! Once you are Dr. Wilmore’s patient, we will help you remember your regular checkups by contacting you one month before and then will call to confirm your appointment the day before.

Do you file dental insurance?

To make your life easier, we file all PPO insurance claims on our patients’ behalf.  We are in-network with AETNA, Cigna, Delta, Guardian and Assurant. If you have questions about your policy or payments, just give us a call.

What payment methods do you accept, and what are my financing options?

We make paying for dental care easy! You may pay by cash, check, or credit card. If you prefer to finance your dental work, we recommend CareCredit . We also offer in-office financing for certain dental proceduress. With our creative financing options, almost any budget can accommodate cosmetic and restorative dental care.