Root Canals

When the inside of the tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth from extraction. Although some patients dread the thought of having root canal therapy, modern treatment is more comfortable than ever, and it will alleviate tooth pain.

What is a root canal?
The actual root canal refers to the branches of the tooth that lead out from the tooth’s pulp or “nerve.” A large cavity, filling, or break that penetrates the tooth’s “nerve” can cause an infection. When this happens, the root canals fill with bacteria, causing discomfort from pressure within the tooth. Root canal treatment involves removing the diseased pulp, widening the canals, and filling the tooth with a biologically inert substance. Dr. Wilmore may recommend topping the treated tooth with a crown to return strength and durability.

Will root canal treatment hurt?
Root canal treatment will relieve the painful pressure caused by the bacteria within the tooth. During the procedure, we will do everything possible to keep you comfortable. With sedation dentistry, out patients often doze off during treatment.

Are there alternatives to root canal treatment?
Some patients think that extraction is a viable alternative to root canal treatment; however, if the tooth is extracted, instead of restored, it will have to be replaced with a prosthetic, potentially a much more involved procedure. Although root canal treatment sounds complicated, it’s actually a common procedure that’s has maintained a 98% success rate.

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