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Americans spend more than 1.4 billion dollars annually on over-the-counter products trying to achieve whiter teeth, but unfortunately, drugstore products don’t deliver awe-inspiring results. If you want a dramatic change, professional teeth whitening is available at the office of experienced general dentist Heather M. Wilmore, DDS. You can get either in-office or take-home teeth whitening to suit your lifestyle and goals best. Book an appointment at the Houston, Texas, office by requesting online or calling today.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?


If your teeth look yellower or darker than you’d prefer, you could be a good candidate for professional teeth whitening at the office of Heather M. Wilmore, DDS. 


Before performing any teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Wilmore conducts an oral exam to ensure that there is no connection between your tooth discoloration and an underlying condition, and that you don’t have gum disease or cavities. 


In most cases, tooth discoloration responds to professional whitening very quickly because Heather M. Wilmore, DDS, uses only the most effective products for in-office and take-home teeth whitening. 


What is the in-office teeth whitening process?


In-office whitening at the office of Heather M. Wilmore, DDS, is the fastest and most powerful type of teeth whitening available. In around an hour, you can whiten your teeth by 3-8 shades with the in-office Zoom! whitening system. 


Dr. Wilmore starts by placing a protective barrier over your gums. Then, she uses a cheek retractor, a slender plastic tool that keeps your mouth open to expose your teeth. 


She then applies a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to each tooth. Using a special laser light, Dr. Wilmore utilizes specific techniques to help the gel penetrate the enamel and lift stains. The gel-light combination also induces oxygenation in your dentin, the tooth’s second layer, to brighten and whiten. 


After 15 minutes, your dentist removes the gel, checks the color of your teeth, and then repeats the process for a total of three or four 15-minute sessions. You have much whiter teeth by the time you leave the office.


What is the at-home teeth whitening process?

If you’d prefer a more gradual teeth whitening method, Heather M. Wilmore, DDS, offers a powerful take-home kit. Dr. Wilmore and her team create a pair of custom whitening trays, which allows for perfectly even whitening gel distribution. These flexible trays are quite comfortable and easy to wear. 


Typically, you add whitening gel to the trays and wear them for around an hour per day. It usually takes several weeks to get optimal whiteness. 

How long do my teeth remain white after teeth whitening?

Although it can vary by individual, most patients get anywhere from six months to two years of results after a professional teeth whitening treatment at Heather M. Wilmore, DDS. 


Avoid coffee, red wine, tea, and other common stain-inducers as much as possible to keep your 

results for a long time. If you smoke, remember that stopping that habit will not only be good for your health but also your smile. 


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