I have not started the lnvisalign treatment, but I liked her and her staff so much that I have decided to make her my new dentist

Very friendly and informative.

The Dr. and her staff are very professional and friendly.

My first visit was thorough, pleasant and educational. I look forward to completing my goals with this office.

My experience with Dr. Wilmore and staff was pleasant and very informative. They all portray a level of professionalism that is hard to find these days. I would refer them to my Mom or the President.

Callie K

March 27, 2012

WHAT A "TERRIFIC" DENTIST!!!!! This is the "best" dentist I have EVER beento.

From the moment I was greeted by Christi - prepared for my dental work by Sandra ­ until Dr. Wilmore actually did her magic - I felt very comfortable. Dr. Wilmore is definitely a very gifted dentist. Her office is state of the art - and her talent for making patients feel at ease in her chair is great.

I definitely give this team a 5 star rating..... Gone are the days I dreaded those dentist visits!!!!!!!


October 05, 2011


Relaxing environment, great doctor. It has been awhile since I have been to the dentist. I decided to look for someone new and chose Dr. Wilmore. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole visit. The office is very relaxing and peaceful. Dr. Wilmore and her staff were very friendly and very informative. You can tell they care about you and your health. I am definitely not going to wait so long next time for my checkups.

DogloverinTX April 06, 2011

Pleasant and Educational Experience. I have never been educated about my dental health as I was here. The assistant was very informative and she let me know exactly what she was doing and why. Dr. Wilmore was simply amazing, and definitely gained my lifelong trust. It's clearly obvious she loves taking care of people. After the very thorough exam, she simply took the time to just talk and listen to my concerns. The receptionist was also very kind and helpful with explaining the insurance process with me. If you're looking for a caring and competent dentist, look no further. I will definitely refer my family and friends to this practice.


March 27,2011

Excellent treatment every time! It only took a few minutes for me to realize that Dr. Wilmore would be my dentist for life. She keeps you very informed as to what she's doing and what you need to do to keep your teeth healthy, and is very friendly and personable. The last dentist I saw was rude and had recommended I have some crowns put in, but Dr. Wilmore saw no need for that at the time. She even suspected I was having discomfort from another crown without me even telling her, which she quickly resolved without charging me. I recently went in for a cleaning which went better than any cleaning I've ever had. During a previous appointment she gave me the most painless and efficient filling I have ever had done. I'm not one to ever rave about doctors, but I just can't help telling people how great she and her staff is. Maybe I should keep her a secret!


January 19,2011

Talented, Friendly, Professional. Unbelievably friendly, professional and talented dentist that will walk through all your concerns and options with you.

The staff is incredibly welcoming and professional and helped me out immensely with my baby during my visit. Wow! Who does that?! I won't exhaust that generosity but that was a HUGE help since I am new to Houston.

The facility is quite pleasant and spa-like indeed. Beautiful decor, pretty view overlooking many trees, amenities that compete with the best of them with flat screen overhead & earphones for those needing a little help being distracted.

Would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a new dentist in ilie city. Excellent.


November 03,2010

LOVE THlS DENTIST.  Great bedside manner and wonderful personality. Very easy to talk to and also a great listener. Not to mention superb dental skills. As gentle as can be. Definitely recommended...


October 24, 2010

Huge Hearted Dentist. This review is long overdue and definitely necessary. I've been a patient of Dr. Wilmore for about 2 years and have become very close with her. Just the other day, I was in her office for my routine cleaning and surprisingly had to wait for about fifteen minutes. I had grown accustomed to just walking in and going straight back without waiting. That's just how it is there and I have definitely become spoiled. On this particular day, I witnessed something special that really touched my heart. While waiting, I saw her two assistants' come out to the waiting area, each pushing a wheelchair with mentally and physically handicapped children. I could not believe my eyes. Once I made it back to see Dr. Wilmore, I couldn't help but ask her about what I had just witnessed. She simply stated, "they're people too, and it is my responsibility and honor to provide them with the proper oral healthcare and hygiene they need and deserve". l knew there was something special about this dentist! She is truly a kind hearted, caring, and loving individuaL


September 21,2010

Absolutely Fabulous Dentist! I feel bad because I have been meaning to write a review for Dr. Wilmore and her staff for a while now. Going in for dental work and check-ups with them is as enjoyable as reading the reviews on here. Their hospitality, attention to detail, and professional skills are truly top notch.

If I ever move from the Houston area I will be planning trips back here for my dental work because  I don't think my teeth want anyone else working on them, and Dr. Wilmore is always a pleasure to talk with. She is very caring and sincere.

They truly enjoy and take great pride in what they do, and it's no wonder why they have all the great reviews. The hard work and passion shows and is worth every penny! I wish her and her team the best in their new space and look forward to seeing them for years to come.


Excellent  care and attention  to detail. Before scheduling my appointment with Dr. Wilmore, I researched many different offices looking for a quality dentist. I feel that quality is much better than quick and cheap, therefore I wanted to find a doctor that would give me the attention that I wanted and answer all of my questions. Dr. Wilmore and her staff took the time and clearly explained all procedures that they were performing on me and also what she diagnosed to be done. They have a great software program that also aides them in explaining treatment. After my appointment I had no pain and my teeth felt so clean. I would highly recommend this office to my friends and family and anyone else looking for a quality dentist.


Very impressed! I was overly impressed with my first visit to Dr. Wilmore. Was a bit skeptical with all the positive reviews, but I definitely have to agree. She was very pleasant and professional, and I never felt uncomfortable or uncared for.

Very good...


CLASS ACT!!!!!!! THEY  REALLY  CAREI no longer fear the dentist - I never thought that would be possible! Dr. Wilmore and her staff are a Class Act. When you walk in you don't feel like you are in a dental office. The decor and feel is spectacular. I tell EVERYONE about my experience.


Great experience. I found Dr Wilmore on Cityscarch. Read the reviews and wondered if all these rave reviews were valid. I recently moved to Houston and was clueless as to where to find a dentist that would make me feel comfortable.


Houston's Best Kept Dental Secret!!! My husband recently visited Dr. Wilmore for the flrst time after our recent relocation to Houston. We did some extensive research on dentists in the area and were very impressed with all the good things we heard about her. It's safe to say I have found my dentist!


Great Experience! As a educated individual I thought I knew what treatment in a dental office was like. After visiting Dr. Wilmore's office I found that I did not know much prior to the visit. After Dr. Wilmore and her staff took the time to go over the recommended and educate me through discussion and videos, I fully understand my treatment and the pros and cons. I was also educated on my insurance plan and ways to better my plan by her practice manager. I feel extremely comfortable knowing that if Dr. Wilmore takes the time to educate her patients in this manner that my dental treatment will be so seamless and comfortable. Everyone was focused on me during my appointment and I have never had that during any visit to another doctor. Thank you for the knowledge and comfort that you have given me. I have found my dentist.

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